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This is really good work! Captures a very strong heroic essence. The cymbal crashes are slightly loud, in my humble opinion. Haha, this is create.
Out of curiosity, how did you get your songs so popular?
I'm honestly curious. Obviously peices like this deserve the popularity, but not all of them get it. Any tricks to Newgrounds advertisement?

Arbiter responds:

Hi again, sir! : )

My songs popularity has always been "semi-high" due to the fact that when I entered competitions, I've been either at first or second place most of the times, in addition to the fact that I used to be active on the forums, which does add a bit.

Other than this, I could only say that you should review others a lot, which will kinda "get your name out there".

--Christian S.


This is amazing work you have here! Now I know how much you actually meant your review on mine. Anyone creating stuff like this knows what they are talking about.
Has a really nice ambient feel to the choir, like it would almost work in a Metroid Prime game. EWQL, right? What types of drums did you use?

Arbiter responds:

Hi Tainlorr!

I'm glad that this song has added depth to my review of your work, especially considering that I feel it was a few important issues to address.
As for this song, it did use EWQL's samples, with ethnic drums from the RA package, as well as a few custom samples that I've had recorded in the past.

--Christian S.

That guy is right

Sorry, man, this isn't quite classical.

Unfortunatately, it's hard to resist giving it a ten because of the awesome voice thing!
Im impressed!

Something New From Junkster!

VERY VERY pro percussion. Like, amazing. You win, in percussion ability.
Also, A for originality! (You didn't use the What Happened at the Lake Chord or Clint's Theme!)

Now, My educated feedback is thus.
1) Go into symphonic choirs. Take all of your choral parts, and raise the Db by about 8. Then you'll be good. I can barely hear the choirs over the (astonishing) drum track.
2) please give it an ending or a loop.
3) Reverb. Pan. Mixing?

Also, the bass/cello thing that you did was amazing. The articulation or whatever... I gotta learn from this. Did you do it in MC or Reaper?

junkster775 responds:

Thanks! 1-4: will do. Reaper!


Lance! Yeee!


I REFUSE to review this (Because in the name you said plz review)

Percussion is nice. Good job.
Fakest choir I ever heard (since Titanic)

Cimba responds:

it oly says plz review because i had to add something because the title was taken


This is really nice remixing work. I do beleive that song is.. from.. (GRRR I Know I've Heard it Before!) Oh megaman II duh.. Or dungeon explorer? Yeah gonna stick with megaman on this one.
Anyway, when it gets to the drum part, it sounds really nice. You are able to creatively remix the song without destroying the main theme. Great work!


I like this. Good job on the panning, get's a bit repetitive/annoying about half way through. You mentioned it being mathematical in nature: that is definetaly apparent. Also, it is very original. Good peice of work! It is a very specialized peice of music.

Some parts are a bit hard to listen to, but I respect this very much.
Good job considering "most of the work on NG is shit"

CosmicAlfonzo responds:

Hah, well thanks. Means a lot. If you liked this one though, I'd recommend listening to "Some Guy Down the Road", it's a piece where I made better use of the techniques that I learned while making this.

If you have the time, I'd really appreciate if you gave that a listen.


Sounds good. A bit muddy in some parts. Sounds alot like music from the Metroid Prime games. Keep it up!

VolitileCreations responds:

:D Thanks. I don't know how to un-muddy it. But I'll keep trying! ^.^

This is really nice.

There aren't many people that could give this a score lower then a 4 without being guilty for the rest of there lifes. I love the piano! Keep it up!

steveori responds:

Many thanks for your kind words :)
and thanks for taking the time to review this piece.
This piece means a lot to me, it's a tribute to a very personal event that happened to me and it's always nice when people enjoy something you've poured your heart and soul into.

Many thanks
Steve B.

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