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This is a really good loop. Awfully short of course, but pretty epic.
How'd you get it to loop so well?

RiverK responds:

I'm pretty careful about how I round off my loops. I dunno, I just work better with short and seamless stuff. Fruity Loops lends itself pretty well to wrapping up certain effects and instruments as well.

Awesome, Ben! Keep up the good work! I haven't checked in on your stuff in a while so I'm going to listen through it about now. Well done.

BenTibbetts responds:

Thanks Tainlorr!

This sounds pro

For what you are going for, this is AMAZING. The drums are modern and catchy- something I've tried so hard to achieve but never did it right.. Although, it's a little bit too "chill" for a name like BassRacer. Maybe come up with something more original name-wise? The dub step part is OK. Although you NEED to put a Reaper LFO (low frequency oscillator) on it, it will make all the difference and give you the wobble.

junkster775 responds:

Hey! Thanks for the advice! This of course is still my first true electronic song, so its still in need of some practice. I put this together today.

As for the name - once I can get it right, I'll have some really high-speed bass songs.

Thanks again!!


Use a compressor or lower volume to get rid of the cracks in the synth. Please (:

auroalee1 responds:

Cracks?? Not quite sure what you mean. :/


Your skills in percussion are impressive.

samulis responds:

Thanks, I try to make sure my percussion parts appropriately accent the piece while offering changing rhythms when the feel changes so it all comes together nicely.

I'm glad you liked it. :)


This is awesome. Sounds like James Horner's Zorro scores. I especially love the castanets!

You should consider adding more to the top Horn line. Maybe some countermelodies with trombones and tuba? Also, some of the faster horn notes sound extremely unrealistic- try changing to a staccato sample for those 2-3 notes?

Also a solo trumpet do your song some justice. Very Spanishy.

Props, dude.

samulis responds:

Thanks for the great feedback,

If I come around to working on this piece again, I will be sure to take your ideas into consideration. It should be fairly doable and will make it much better sounding. :)

Thanks again!


This is beautiful, Benjamin. Keep up the good work! Really eerie. Sounds like the ghost-house music in some of the Mario games.

BenTibbetts responds:

Thanks very much Tainlorr! I enjoy the Mario soundtracks. Nice to hear from you.

Good work.

I really love when it unfolds at 1:17. It the colors in the music remind me of Avatar: The Last Airbender. The slow pace of the piece gives it a more realistic feature. I'm not sure I want to head to this country now.. (:

popraz responds:

Thank you !

Fun Listen

Good work. Never heard that chord progression before (:

Phyrnna responds:

Yes you have. It's the very common four chord progression used in many many many a song. :P

Good Work

I love the speeding-up of the song. Keep up the good work. It's a little bit non-interesting, and the build down is cool but feels kind of random.

OpenLight responds:

Thank you! This was more of a test song thing to see what I did well and didn't. I'm glad the reviews are mostly positive so far!

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