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This is amazing, it sounds just like it! You did justice to John Williams!


You, Mr. Orr, are the most talented composer on Newgrounds. This is with EWQL right? You did a great job of adding realism. Sounds like something from a high-budget Nintendo game (in fact.. the beginning almost sounds exactly like the Mario Galaxy Motif)
I'm amazed that you can make the orchestra tumble around with such finesse, you'd almost be mistaken for Horner or Elfman. The song does a great job of changing moods from heroic to playful-action to classical fantasy. Props, dude.

DavidOrr responds:

Wow, thanks for the kind words! Yes, this is all done with EWQL Symphonic Orchestra, with a few samples from Stormdrum and QL Pianos. I was aiming for that whimsical, hectic Elfman style - it's great to hear that it came through!


Nice. You got an orchestra pack. Is it GPO? Props for using the real instruments, it sounds great. Only thing is that you need to work on the mixing a bit. Some instruments are way too overpowering, and others sound muddy. Keep it up. Composing is one thing, but Mixing is a whole 'nother challenge to tackle.
You are great at piano by the way!


This is awesome!!!!!! It's like.. Heavy-Techno. Thumbs up!


Captures the ambient-ninjaness very well. Stormdrum 2 for the win!

pavelzuk responds:

Ahah! Good ears sir, SD2 for the win indeed!


Newgrounds continues to impress me. This is the best song i've heard all week! Bravo. Props for the real piano (:
Wish I could pull this off. I'm amazed.


Hey, this is some really good stuff! Much more intelligent than most of the Newgrounds!
I really like the melody part. The reverb makes it sound reallllly nice. And, their is definately much polyphony. Which isn't always good, because young composers generally put all this polyphony and rapid sixteenth notes. It generally sounds terrible.
You pulled this off only too well! You are one of the few composers on Newgrounds who can do all this without sounding bad! This is an amazing peice of music! I wish I could write this well, but I'm forced to rely on orchestration to cover my compositional weakness. I'm impressed.

Nice job

I really like the cresendo at the end! Some tips for using EWQL, try adding some panning to the instruments, they feel clustered in the middle and it blocks out some of the frequencies.


Yes, there does sound like some dissonance, especially noticable in the piano portion (the rest fits in really well.) The harmonic minor is not usually used to write a whole song, it's purpose is to help the harmonies in the minor key to get back to the tonic.
That said, this is a very awesome usage of the key, and I give you many props. I wish I was daring enough to try a scale like this.

Breed responds:

Well thank you kind sir, you make me feel as if I was more worthy then I actually am. Playing with MIDI is almost like cheating compared to real score making since I can just play it back and tweak it to make it sound better, not to mention my songs compositions tend to hide behind their production value, making them sound better then they actually are...But alas you are right, the harmonic minor scale is usually used for modulation or for short term use in a piece to introduce more unique dissonance or consonance to evoke a particular mood. My only goal was to create something I thought was catchy without being overly cliche, so I used a different scale then I normally would. Anyways thanks for the review, I appreciate every word I get!


Great work!

Like the below review says, you should work on the mixing a bit. Definately pan the instruments, and consider shifting the octave of some of them. Put some kind of compressor and reverb on the drums, they sound a bit out of place (but awesome.) Really nice song!

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