Still Working...

2010-03-23 00:08:38 by Tainlorr

Hello guys (AKA Nobody.) I still plan on completing my RPG music set, but I've had a bit of a hold up. You see, I had to score a movie in the last couple of weeks, and that has pretty much drained all the music out of me. As soon as that's done, I'll have a link.
Also, I decided to make my own remix of the famous Zelda "Song of Storms." I've been working really hard and long on it, and I'll post it (eventually.)
Oh yeah, keep voting "The Son of the Wind God" up! Some guys vote it 0s just to move it off of the top classical list....


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2010-03-23 00:47:48

check my album Area 51 out
its full of old nes remixes


2010-08-10 22:54:26

Hey, don't call us Nobody. :) Ignore the 0-voters. They have, collectively, no life.

Tainlorr responds:

Thanks for actually commenting! How'd you find my page anyways?
I looked at some of your stuff, you have my respect.
(Yeah the 0 voters are a pain.)


2011-02-26 22:33:22

You are a young and great talented composer. Keep up the good work.


2011-02-26 22:34:17

Don't be sad, I know, it's fucking common in here.