12 Songs in counting.

2010-01-20 19:55:17 by Tainlorr

Woot! I've just hit my twelfth RPG song, and so far all of them have remained high in quality (some better than others.) Between here and some other forums, I have had a few people request my music. I want to keep making music for people, so don't be afraid to ask for a custom made game soundtrack or something! If you liked one of my songs, you're bound to enjoy the others, check out my songs. Anyway, I plan to get about 25 songs in my RPG kit, so it's half done. Hope you enjoy my music!
-Ethan Revere Smith, Tainlorr

12 Songs in counting.


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2010-01-20 23:12:31

I need glasses. I thought your post title was; "12 Bongs and counting". :(